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45trona Ut, a classically conservatory trained musician with a huge passion for dance, trance, electronica and funk, has gained the attention of various international critics, which are describing his music as “Downright addictive in every way. Infectious, hypnotic stuff, regardless of genre”...

The funky wobble and winding effects of the album’s opener (and title track) set a very funk/electro tone—one that is not eclipsing in the album’s entirety. 45trona can mix it up; as can be heard in “Exploration Station” with its retro, dance hall theme: escalated by a hard hitting pulse build-up, turned tantalizing beat...


Fresh new talent 45trona Ut can do magic with his productions, he is not an unexperienced artist, he studied in a conservatory and today he applies all his knowledge to create proper electronic music. 'Funkspatial' offers a rich and powerful sound to us who attracts fans of Daft Punk and Tom Snare due to the similar structure of his songs...

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