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Electronic Music, House Music, French Touch Music, RLU Records




It Doesn't Matter... just great music. 

RLU Records (Rugitui Leonis Universalis, Latin for Lion's Roar Universal) is a young American record label non-restricted to a specific music genre, just great music. It is primarily the home of RLU Productions and RLU artist Management. We are heavily involved in the production and distribution of great sounding audio equipment as well as a general production house for classical, electronic, house and dance albums.

At RLU Records we believe that “music is music” regardless of its genre, well written music has complexity within simplicity and vise versa. We take pride in producing the best possible sounding recordings but also making well written music and audio products that connect with audiences from all over the world. We focus on craftsmanship and prefer quality instead of quantity, taking our time to work with artists in order to release the best possible music. We do not think of music as a product but rather our everyday existence.


RLU Records works with several industry leading distributors and you can find our releases in every major digital store as well as brick and mortar stores for physical copies. Have any questions or concerns? If you would like to contact us, please visit our contact page and we will be more than glad to stay in touch.

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